Our Products



At MOLAB, we’re passionate about capturing human motion in easy and seamless ways. We present MOTIVE, the first motion capturing solution that tracks your full-body using only 4 wireless sensors. 

Our system is unmatched in ease-of-use. It is non-invasive, no setup required, can be used anywhere, and produces instant production-ready data. MOTIVE is ideal for use in gaming, animations, live entertainment, as well as sports science and rehabilitation.



Only 4 wireless sensor bracelets connecting to your smart devices


MOTIVE can be used everywhere, no setup required 


MOTIVE delivers accurate data ensuring high quality motion capturing


MOTIVE integrates with market-leading 3D software packages Unity and Unreal Engine



BraceLet is our motion and activity tracking solution for fitness and exercising. It is the first wrist-band solution that tracks your full-body pose during different activities. BraceLet uses our novel technology to capture wrist motion in 3D space. Hence, it is able to understand and follow your full-body motion.

Incorporating our motion models with Bracelet gives you advises and recommendations for better posture and exercising strategies. This technology can be used with the current in-market smart watches. BraceLet is ideal for use in personal coaching, fitness, and activity tracking.


Full-body Pose Tracking

BraceLet is the first wrist-band to track the full-body pose and wrist's trajectory in 3D

Performance Tracking

BraceLet delivers accurate motion and activity data for efficient exercising  

Personal Coaching

BraceLet generates recommendations for proper motion and posture

Compatible App

BraceLet app integrates with Wear OS and watchOS for in-market smart watches


In MOLAB, we are committed to creating new experiences for motion technology. MuMo is our solution for incorporating music with motion. We are developing a seamless and intuitive wearable musical instrument for expressive creation, composition and performance. MuMo enables performers to express themselves through motion, and connect movement to sound in their own way.